Kinetic Cafe

2013 - 2015

Our mission at Kinetic was to make the world a more remarkable place to live in by enriching the connections people have with the spaces and things they experience every day.

We believed that anyone with a novel idea and the bravery to pursue it should have a place to go with the people, technology and network needed to bring it to life.

A point of intersection where minds collide and ideas become reality. We call this place Kinetic Cafe.

In my time at Kinetic Cafe, I lead the mobile development team and was responsible for managing the mobile and web product needs of world class clients such as YUM Inc., Microsoft, Huffington Post, Heath Care Canada and more.

Some Other Projects


2017 - Present

Avail is a data analysis engine that decodes how daily life impacts the body and how behaviours lead to overall health and wellness.

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2013 - 2017

Wirkn is a employment network for consumers of work.

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2010 - 2011

Coupons, loyalty cards and more for the digital wallet.

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